Yoga Offerings

Past offerings

Love Light Yoga - 40 hr

Yin Yoga Teacher Training  

Mountain Shamanism - 200 hr

Yoga Teacher Training

Sarah Rose is a Yoga teacher in Squamish BC. Having graduated from the 200 hour  Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training in 2015 and completing her 40 hour Yin Yoga Training with Danielle Hoogenboom of  Love Light Yoga in 2016, she plans to continue her training to reach her 200 hour Teacher Training in Yin Yoga over the next few years. 

Sarah Rose has shared Yin Yoga at The Yoga Studio (aka: The Yellow Room) in downtown Squamish. This class blended together inspiration from her Shamanic Yoga Training with the shapes, techniques and ideologies derived from her Yin Yoga Training to create a personally empowering and deeply meditative, connective and relaxing practice.

She currently teaches Yoga at The Chopra Wellness Centre in Paradise Valley.