Starhawk PDC: Earth Activist Training

The Permaculture Path


"Lets not embrace sustainability

because we fear the future,

lets embrace sustainability because

we love the things we love about the 


​~Larry Santoyo

Gaiacraft: Permaculture Design Course

Traveling Transition Blog


Sarah Rose began her Permaculture journey three years ago by embarking on an online course called 'Introduction to Sustainability' through Through this course she was introduced through both sides of the current problems and solutions regarding our current state of economical, ecological and environmental affairs. For her final project she crafted a report called: The Power of Permaculture  for she believed that Permaculture offers solutions to all the current problems and is the only way forward towards beyond sustainability towards a regenerative society where all our basic needs are not only met, but surpassed. Where we don't just survive, but thrive! The solutions are right in front of us. All we need to do is to act.

Inspired by her introduction Sarah sought out further education in Permaculture and in 2015 completed a one year, all seasons Permaculture Design course through Gaiacraft on the Sunshine Coast.

But she didn't stop there. Sarah is continuing her education and is currently enrolled in the advanced program at Gaiacraft for the next two years, working towards her Traveling Transition dream through the mentorship and encouragement of her mentor Delvin Solinkson and her Permaculture community on the Coast. She also recently finished an intensive two week Earth Activist Permaculture Design training, working as a Teachers Assistant to Starhawk at the O.U.R Ecovillage in Shawinigan Lake, ironically the same small town where Sarah grew up. 

Sarah is the founder of the Facebook community group The Permaculture Hub  and has her own photo & writing blog following her personal Permaculture journey of transition at the Traveling Transition page. While you're there check out what the amazing guys over at Tiny Life Supply are doing. They have been huge support with accepting me into their Tiny Life Renegade program, supporting me

to further fuel my eco-renovation dreams.