The Story of Lila Love

Lila Love is a creative force.

​At least this is what I call this creative force of inspiration that comes through me almost daily, offering insight, inspiration and connection to the hidden mysteries of the world and beyond. I seem to best access her ability to create through the mediums of Art & Design, Yoga, Nature Connection & Permaculture, and Music on the ukulele and guitar, combined with voice and drum.

Lila was a name gifted to me by one of my first teachers after initiation into the Shamanic Cosmology of the Quero people of Peru. Yet Lila is a Sanskrit word that means Play, Divine Play. The Divine Play of the Universe that comes through us AS us. This playful cycle of creation, destruction, and re-creation. The same life, death, re-birth cycle that is part of our very moment-to-moment existence here on Earth. Since being given this name it has continued to unfold, inform, and reveal to me, deeper layers of myself, my unique gifts, my deepest passions, biggest loves, and the many reasons why I am present right here, right now. It continues to show me what it is that I am here to create.

"Lila may be the simplest thing there is - spontaneous, childish, disarming. But as we grow and experience the complexities of life, it may also be the most difficult and hard-won achievement imaginable, and its coming to fruition is a kind of homecoming to our true selves."

(Stephen Nachmanovitch ~ Free Play)

​So no my name isn't Lila Love, but she is a deep part of who I am. She is my muse. My real name is Sarah Rose. I am a thirty-something, free spirited, enthusiastic and down-to-Earth lover of music, travel, laughter and all things wild and free. The wild outside of me reflects the wild I feel within me, that same force that desires deep feelings of freedom balanced with Love.

I live simply. My small yet spaciously home is on a large rural property surrounded by the mountains in Squamish Valley. Horses, herds of elk and dogs are my daily visitors. Friends come from all around to nourish themselves in my space, on this land. I am so grateful to call this place home. This is where I fill up my cup.

Professionally I teach Yoga & Meditation and moonlight as a support worker at a Wellness Centre. In order to help the practice of Yoga become more accessible for everyone, every week I share a by-donation Yin Yoga class downtown that has been a beautiful part of building community. During the day I spend precious moments at a Nature School with children leading and facilitating opportunities for them to connect with Nature and play in the majestic rainforests of Paradise Valley.

When not "working" you can find me writing words, singing songs, fox walking in the forest, practicing yoga, dancing, moon gazing at night, and sun soaking during the day.

In order to stay authentic in my work, I do my best to live what I teach. I have designed my experience and I feel I live the life of my dreams, yet have been gifted with many surprise opportunities I could hardly even have dreamt of. Every place, every face, every moment where time seems to stand still, I feel I have, on some level, dreamt before.

I once read something along the lines of, "The boat maker spends his whole life perfecting his craft to be able to make a boat... so he makes a boat, then he gives it away." Thats what we're all here to do. Find our equivilant gifts of boat making, accept it, perfect it, and then give it away. Give it away to your community, to your family, then back to yourself. Feeding the whole makes each piece in the entire system richer.

From the Earth beneath your feet, to the Sky overhead, back to that beating heart within your chest, that connects them both. Take a breath in, and say thank-you.

We are one.​