I am a woman of the Woods
I am a woman of the Sea
I am a woman of the Earth
First comes Life, then Death,
then Rebirth

Shadow Songs

Into the Water
please teach me
how to Flow

5. Island

Now you hear me calling
to the 
Fire in my Spirit


Won't you
Play with Me
we can jump in streams
and climb up trees
Won't you 
Play with Me
we can make believe
that we're a king and queen

4. Play with Me

The Spiral Path

We're slowly walking down this
Spiral Path
remember where you started from
the sadness will not last
sweet child born of this Earth
spiralling to the Sky
hands to your Heart
remember who you are


1. be you

Recorded live in the Wintery end of 2017, This collection of original songs preformed on the guitar, are a simple and sweet musical exploration into the darkest parts of ourselves healing and transforming back into light.

Shadow, I honour and respect your power. 
I see you.
These songs are for you.

You want to love him 
you want him to love you
but do you really love yourself


6. This End

3. Deep

It's good to have a Dream
holding hands with the unseen
what does it all mean
the more you Love
the more you're Free
It's good to have a Dream

All alone it’s true
except I’m surrounded
by this water 
surrounded by you

It's time
to decide
to let go
of all that needs
to die



When will this end
making lovers out of friends
when will the pieces

finally blend
when will this end


2. It's Time

The Spiral Path is the beginning, the middle journey as well as the end. Moving in both directions, above and below, simultaneously. Expansion and contraction, Life and Death then Rebirth. This album is the result of many years of personal growth, life experiences and beautiful challenges.

These musical meditations utilize ukulele, drum, harmonica and vocal layers. Each of the seven songs explores personal perspectives from each of the different chakra centres, as well as each of the five elements. From the root of Earth to the crown of Spirit.

All songs were written and preformed by Sarah Rose over the course of a year and recorded in the Summer of 2017. The album is offered to the world free to download, or a tangible copy is available for purchase. Email connect@lila-love.com to inquire.

We're going deep
I wonder how far

you can see
we're falling deep
into a love from 
me to we

What'll it be

should I stay

and Transform

or leave and be Free