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With ten years of experience in the professional Graphic Design industry, from my early education in 2006 at Langara College earning a Display+Design Diplomia, to the fast paced apparel design industry at Joshua Perets in Montreal, to my humble beginnings in the world of alternative music design, owning and operating my own freelance design business called Abzerv Design in Vancouver, all the way to project managing and teaching Graphic Arts at BrainBoost Education while writing and designing my own graphic related online courses for Remix Media, my design journey has already been long and varied...

Of all these creative roads I've walked down, exploring my own artistic purpose, I now stand at this beautiful place where they all converge. Given the huge transitions and experiences of the last few years of my life I has once again been reborn creatively, and this time in the most genuine offering of my skills I have ever undertaken. I now choose to focus my design skills where my heart is and have condensed all my experience towards where my true passions lie, in not-for-profit companies, activism groups, health and wellness and towards Permaculture and sustainability initiatives and helping to act as a bridge to further the transition our society is undergoing towards a new story on this earth.

Do you have an important message in need of a creative visual voice? Contact me today to see how we may be able to work together to get the word out. ‚Äč

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"Sarah makes "THE BEST LOGOS EVER." She is one of the easiest designers to work with, and we can't wait to see what she does next. Sarah for the WIN."  


"Working with Sarah was absolutely amazing. We got the best product possible and she had a completely focused and effective work ethic from beginning to end. Her rates and professionalism blew us away. Complete Pro."  


"The work ethic and quality of product from Sarah was nothing short of impeccable. Both times we've worked with her, our expectations were not only met, but greatly exceeded. She is a very skilled artist with an abundance of creativity and an awesome attitude. We look forward to working with her again in the future." 


"Sarah designed us an amazing T-shirt illustration. What was most important to me was that we had a design that I would walk into a store and want to buy myself, and Sarah's work far exceeded those expectations. She has a very professional work ethic, is outgoing and very easy to work with. If you need any design work done I strongly recommend Sarah. What are you waiting for? Email her."