Mandala Chakra Woodburn Pendants​​

Transformation Through Love

Gold Bees Dream

A mandala is the very essence of our being, the place where we came from, where we all remember we are one. Viewing, meditating or being in connection with a mandala design can help bring us back to that core, to

ourselves, to who we really are. 

​These wood-burned pendants are inspired by the symbols pre-existing for each Chakra center, yet have an original design flair added in. 

Woodburning on Alder (1.5" x 1.5")

Various designs - FOR SALE



This piece is a celebration of the light and the dark, all the layers of this existence, all the seen and unseen helpers and the beauty of emerging brand new on the other side of a long period gestation.

The only way out is through..

Woodburn on Ply (10"x8")




This piece resonates with the silvery vibration of the fifth chakra in our throat. The place of truth, voice and the space of Ether. 

Acrylic and paint pen on Wood (3'x3')


Branching, Spirals, Waves Cracks and Webs. The entire world is created from and made up of patterns. From patterns of growth, creation, distribution and expansion to patterns of thought, behaviour and action. It is all connected.

We are patterns.

Acrylic and paint pen on Canvas (1'x1')


This piece was a successful experimentation with an

asymmetrical layout. When two things come to an end

​something new can be born.

Woodburn on Fir (8"x9")


​​​​"Oscar Wilde described the womb-flower of existence as 'the flowers in which the gold bees dream.' Yet that golden flower isn't at the end of the line - you are living in it. The radiating petals, the mandala, the great circle of the flower is the galaxy in which you live, and it is the whole universe radiating around you."

~ Alan Watts

Acrylic and paint pen on Recycled Materials (3'x3')

Created for the International Women's Day Art Show in March of 2016